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Trees should only be removed if necessary. They provide natural habitats for wildlife and shades for humans on the hottest summer days. However, when a tree is diseased or dead it is time for it to be cut down. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of tree removal.

The decision to cut down a tree may be influenced by a variety of factors, including aesthetics, safety and pure convenience. That said, the process is a big commitment, and you want to be sure that you can act without regrets. Here are a few elements to consider before contacting a tree service for removal.

Pros & Cons of Clearing Trees Around Your Home

Some homeowners love to have multiple large trees around their houses, while others clear off every tree within acres when they decide it’s time to build. There are pros and cons to each approach. If you’re trying to decide whether to keep those old trees or cut them down, consider the following points.

Pro #1: Extra Space

If you’re building on a small piece of land, you may have no choice but to cut some trees down. Otherwise you may not have room for your house! Or maybe there are trees that are just close enough together to keep you from building or landscaping the way you want. Getting rid of them allows you more freedom and flexibility with your plans.

Pro #2: Safety

Everyone has heard horror stories of trees falling on someone’s house or car. It really does happen, especially in areas that are prone to high winds (hurricanes, anyone?). Even healthy trees come down, whether it’s branches falling off or the whole tree. It’s worth noting that if you have a tree in your yard that is dead or appears to be diseased, it’s best to go ahead and cut it down– it will never be strong again, and eventually it’s going to fall. Better to have it done on your terms so that it doesn’t damage anything valuable.

Pro #3: Easy Yard Maintenance

If you’ve ever had to fish leaves out of a pool, you know how annoying trees can become. Raking yards every fall gets old really fast, too and many vehicle paint jobs have been damaged from sap. Removing the trees means removing all of these headaches. You won’t have to pick up a rake ever again or worry about your property getting damaged from the trees.

Con #1: Damaged Ecosystem

Your yard is a complex system filled with animal and plant life, and all of the parts rely on each other. Cutting down trees changes things for the insects, birds, and other wildlife that call your yard home. If you choose to cut, try to provide alternatives like bird feeders and similar structures that might help the transition.

Con #2: Loss of Beauty

While they can be a lot of cleanup, many trees are beautiful additions to any yard. Getting rid of them means getting rid of the aesthetic value they add to your property. Many homeowners complain about how bare their yards look once they’re done building a house, and this is largely because of the lack of trees.

Con #3: Irreversibility

Trees take so long to grow that you can’t just cut one down then change your mind and go out and buy another. Removing a tree is a big decision that can’t be easily reversed. If you aren’t completely sure that you want that tree gone, it might be a good sign that you should leave it be for the time being.

The decision is up to you and your needs. Whether you want the beauty and animals or the clear view and easy maintenance, consider all of the possibilities.

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