Arborist and Tree Surgeon

Arborist Tree Services

A landscape that is well-designed with trees can look amazing. Planting trees can bring life to an area. Everyone will be happy with the end result. Trees can become dangerous over time as they age and fall.

Nature does all the tree maintenance in the wild. However, to ensure your trees are safe and attractive to everyone who walks by them, you need to hire high-level tree service professionals. You cannot just cut a few branches.

A qualified arborist should perform tree pruning. They must have a good understanding of the trees’ responses to each cut. Tree cutting mistakes can cause irreparable damage to the tree and lead to more serious problems later.

There are many reasons to hire an arborist for tree service

Tree trimming should be done with a plan. Every branch that you remove will have an impact on the growth of your tree in the future. Tree trimming should be performed only when absolutely necessary. Tree maintenance can help you avoid many problems. However, you shouldn’t trim more than you need. You can endanger your tree’s precious nutrients if you take out too much. It will basically starve the tree to death.

Pruning trees can also be used to increase airflow and allow more light through to the soil below. People and trees can coexist in any setting with the right tree care and tree pruning services.

What is the best time to prune or trim trees?

This is a common question that our tree experts are often asked. It is usually during the winter months (for most tree species that are Virginian), that trees can be trimmed and pruned. This is because they are not in active use during this time.

Tree trimming companies find it easier to trim trees after the vegetation has receded. This allows the arborist to see the trunk and branches of the tree without any obstructions or leaves. There is also less risk of an infestation by insects or the possibility that a pruning injury will contract a disease while it’s dormant.

The proper pruning procedures are known by arborists. Tree trimming should be done only outside of the branch collar. The collar is vital to the tree’s health and should not be damaged. It is important to not cut beyond the collar, even if it is connected to a dead or damaged trunk. To reduce their weight and prevent bark from tearing, you must undercut large branches before trimming them.



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