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Are you looking for expert land clearance services in Cairns QLD? Cairns Tree Lopping Pros is a certified land clearing company that has worked for commercial and residential properties over the years.

We hold a good reputation for being one of the best land clearing companies that provides reasonably priced services for the people of QLD. Proper Land Clearing is not an easy job, it requires heavy equipment such as tree cutters, cranes, grinding machines, tained manpower to get rid of overgrown land. Clearing land without the proper machinery can take months, since land clearance may need cutting or tree, stump grinding, removing bushes, shrubs, plants etc. Cairns Tree Lopping Pros has worked on acres of land, on industries and commercial plots. We also perform selected clearance when property owners non-native species of vines and trees and shrubs to be removed since they easily consume the lands and prevent the growth of native trees that keep the soil fertile.


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  • Our professionals are politics and customer friendly. Talk to the supervisors for any complaints or discrepancies.
  • Get skilled professionals to do the work.
  • Get modern machinery for quick and effective work.
  • We are working towards customer satisfaction. We promise you work that you would be satisfied with. We will not leave the site until you are happy with the work we performed.

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Professional Land clearing service in Cairns QLD

Land clearing is a complicated multi-step process. It is not only about weeding the ground and being done with it. In our land clearance experience, we had to remove trees of all sizes, clear tree debri from storms, remove shrubs and bushes. We had to grind the stump left after tree removal. We had to convert the wood into mulch. Tree stumps into manageable chips. Get rid of all the bedri and make the ground a blank canvas that the owners can use.

We also work on small scale residential projects. We have specific equipment to get in your property if you live in a busy neighborhood. We can help you clear your backyard if you want to start something new there, like landscaping it to make a garden. Removing unsightly trees and bushes and shrubs from your property increases the land’s esthetic appeal as well.

Clearing land for Construction purpose

Clearing land is often required for building a buildable area for commercial and residential development. The tree specialists at Tree Lopping Cairns QLD have worked for many such projects where we have worked hand in hand with contractors. We can schedule our work and timing with the contractors so they can start their work as soon as we are done.

Prevent Forest fires

Quick Land clearance can prevent forest fires. Fire needs fuel to transfer from place to another. One of the ways to prevent fire from spreading is to clear a patch of land. Although it is 100% effective, it has prevented a lot of fires from spreading. Such projects need immediate and quick service, that we are known for. Hire us in advance and call us when in need and we will help you to the best of our ability.

Whether you are using land to develop new buildings or grow or replant with a modern landscaping style, tree and land clearing is the first step and will lay the foundation for a smooth and easy transition to the new purpose of land development.

We have worked with hundreds of organisations over the years, clearing lands for various reasons. We have trained professionals who carry out the work and supervisors who look over the whole thing and make sure everything goes smoothly. Cairns Tree Lopping Pros has a reputation to hold, we are first choice for building contractors who need land clearance services on a regular basis. You can reply to us to deliver work on time so everything stays on schedule.

Get Land clearance for difficult terrain

Proper organisation skills are important when you take a big project. If the location of the land clearance sight in difficult terrain, may be in a slope or through a busy neighbourhood, it would need extra care. We will get all the necessary permits to bring heavy-duty machinery to the location, operate them and do the work without getting interrupted by the law. Whether you want to use your land for farming planting, or for a new landscape design scheme, the most important first step is land clearing. Our team will make sure to take everything into account then start work.

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