The Incredible Rainforestation Nature Park – An Unforgettable Experience

Located just five minutes away from Kuranda Village and a half an hour away from Cairns, Queensland, the Rainforestation Nature Park is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the wonders of Australia’s majestic rainforest. Home to a variety of different activities designed to educate and entertain visitors, you can be sure that your trip here will be one filled with captivating sights and sounds.

A Unique Tour on Land and Water

Rainforestation Nature ParkOne of the highlights of a visit to Rainforestation Nature Park is the opportunity to take a unique tour on both land and water aboard an amphibious World War II Army Duck. As your guide narrates his way through this incredible journey, he will provide interesting facts about the various plants and wildlife found in this rainforest oasis. Feel as if you’re traveling back in time as you marvel at what Mother Nature has preserved for us here today.

Explore Tropical Fruits in their Natural Habitat

Rainforestation Nature Park also features a Tropical Fruit Orchard with over 40 different species of exotic tropical fruit trees that visitors can explore. This is not only great for learning about different types of fruits, but it’s also great fun to sample some of these delicious snacks straight from their natural habitat!

Learn About Indigenous Culture with Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience

For those wishing to learn more about indigenous culture, there are interactive experiences available at Rainforestation Nature Park thanks to its partnership with Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience. Here, you can witness traditional dance performances in an outdoor amphitheatre before joining in on an informative Dreamtime Walk which includes boomerang throwing and spear-throwing demonstrations as well as didgeridoo performances by local artists.

Visit the Koala & Wildlife Park

For animal-lovers, there is no shortage of entertainment at Rainforestation Nature Park – especially when visiting its very own Koala & Wildlife Park! Get up close and personal with some beautiful koalas while they munch on eucalyptus leaves or gaze wistfully into space; say hello to some friendly kangaroos hopping around their home; or learn more about other native Australian animals like wallabies, possums, reptiles and birds from knowledgeable park staff.

Enjoy Refreshments at Gondwana Cafe

Once your eyes have been treated to so much visual beauty throughout your visit at Rainforestation Nature Park, why not treat your taste buds too? Gondwana Cafe serves up delicious coffee and light meals for visitors who need some refreshment after all that exploring – perfect for relaxing over lunch or coffee break before heading off again to discover even more! If you’re looking for a place to spend an afternoon with your family or take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, make sure to check out Munro Martin Parklands.

Take Home Some Souvenirs from The Gift Shop

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to check out The Gift Shop before leaving Rainforestation Nature Park! Pick up something special here as a memento of your trip – whether it be indigenous artworks made exclusively by local artists or books offering insight into Aboriginal culture – so that you can always remember your incredible experience here no matter where life takes you afterwards!

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