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The hot summer months bring out the best in your trees, but they also make them susceptible to a variety of problems that can harm them. They can fall victim to summer storms, diseases, and pests, often taking quite a blow to their overall health. This is why it helps to have a proper tree care routine, so you can enhance their health and learn what to expect when hiring professionals for tree care services.

Before we look at the summer tree service checklist, let’s understand the common problems trees may face during the summer season.

Taking care of your trees during the summer

Whether you own a larger backyard or a garden, chances are that you have at least one, or a couple of trees in that particular area. Unlike smaller plants and flowers, trees do not require such an intensive care procedure, and can usually go on their own for a much longer period of time. Taking care of your trees during summer is an important thing to make sure you are doing.

However, when the summer comes, even trees need certain conditions in order to “survive” the heat, so if you are a tree lover, you would definitely like to learn these. In this article, we’re talking about all the things you can do in order to make your trees healthier, so if you want to learn more, feel free to continue reading until the end.  There is an abundance of tree care information found online.

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Watering your Trees

We’re going to start with the most obvious one, but also because it is the most important one as well. We all know that trees need constant watering, just like any other plant, but when it comes to the hot summer days, do we really know the exact amount of water they need? For example, if you are extremely thirsty, you drink an entire glass of water, and sometimes even more, but will you be satisfied if someone gave you just a half-filled glass? Nope and the same goes with trees.

On average, trees need one inch of water per week and just a little bit more during the hot summer days. Also, not many people know this, but trees will grow much better if you are doing less-frequent applications of watering, but with more water than usual, as opposed to doing more frequent watering with less water. The point is for the water to reach the roots of the tree, and promote their growth.

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs

Just like the human body needs nutrition in order to develop properly, the same goes with trees. If you are not fertilizing enough, your trees will not be as healthy as you want them to be, and they won’t grow as large as they should. When it comes to fertilizing, trees that are growing in stressful areas, such as busy and noisy cities, need a little bit more nutrients than those that grow in a more quiet and natural area. If you are not sure how to do this, feel free to visit rthreeservice.com

Pruning Trees

Pruning is something that improves the health of your trees, and also makes them look aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It should be done constantly, and with great care. Not many people know this, but pruning needs to be done every time you spot “suspicious” activity on your tree, such as a disease starting to spread or a branch completely dying for some other reason. If you see that a certain part of the tree is starting to turn “bad”, you’ll need to cut it off so that the disease doesn’t spread to the other healthy parts of it. Or, if a branch is getting attacked by many pesticides and it’s infected, instead of completely spraying the entire tree, cut off the branch instead, and keep the remaining parts of your tree healthy.

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